Our story

The Beginnings: 1907

What is now The Methodist Church of Blanchard was organized as the Blanchard Methodist Episcopal Church, South on Sunday, January 6, 1907. Soon after organizing, services were held in the Blanchard Hotel, the Carter Building, the Town Hall and the Presbyterian Church. At the second Quarterly Conference of the Blanchard Methodist Episcopal Church, South, a Ladies Home Mission, now known as the United Methodist Women, was organized.

The Foundations: 1908-1914

On March 9, 1908, four lots at 302-308 North Main Street were purchased with the intention of erecting a church building. Instead, a parsonage was built on the property. In 1912, purchasing lots 520-524 on North Main Street, the church was able to use a foundation that had already been poured and erect a one room frame building. That building was completed in 1914.

The Construction: 1929-1958

In December 1929, a brick structure that included a sanctuary and educational space was constructed. That building was valued at $11,700. The mortgage for that building was burned in 1939. This former church building housed the town library until 2010. A new parsonage was completed in 1958 and was located next door to the church at the corner of 3rd and Main. It served as the parsonage until 1980, when the current parsonage, located directly north of our current facilities, was completed.

The Renovation: 2009

The church began constructing a Christian Life Center in January 2009 with completion in November 2009. It includes seven classrooms, a walking track, a full-size gym with fellowship space, a stage and a commercial kitchen. We have plans to add 8 more classrooms upstairs for youth, adult classes and a library. As the community of Blanchard grows, our church is seeking to provide more and more opportunities for individuals and families to become a part of the Christian faith.

The Expansion: 1969-1992

Then, in 1969, the church purchased approximately 10 acres of land just north of 10th Street on Main. The land was paid for in 1973, and it is on this land that the present church and parsonage are located. The new sanctuary, fellowship hall, kitchen and education space were completed in 1992.


While these statistics give a brief overview of the church, it is the people who are The Methodist Church of Blanchard, Oklahoma. The births, baptisms, marriages, illnesses, and deaths...the challenges and victories...all of these mark the intersection between God and humankind. These events are the truest history of our church. We have grown and continue to grow as we face the future with the confidence that comes from believing in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Be part of our story.

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